Exhibition background images

# Pearl Earring

A dutch paining of a still life room (empty)


John and Judy

A flower power pattern


Park Street Kiss

An image of Times Square on the V-J Day


Der Blaue Guitarist

A picasso like blue abstract cubist patter


The life of Venus

A renaissance blue pattern


We Can Do It

Black and white image of either a collage of feminist icons, ordinary woman or images from feminism movement in the post war period.





# Pearl Earing


Der blaue Guitarist – Variation 1


Der blaue Guitarist – Variation 2


The life of Venus – Variation 1


The life of Venus – Variation 2


The life of Venus –  variation 3


We Can Do It, Too! – variation 1


We Can Do It, Too! – variation 2


John and Judy


Park Street Kiss


Editing: # Pearl Earing



There was not much to edit in Camera Raw for this image but it was quite tricky to get the picture in the phone.


The technique:

After having measured the distance of the phone to the face myself I knew the scope of how close up the photo should be.

I then took a screen shot me taking an image from my LapTop screen/

This was good as it has all the touch screen buttopns on it.

20140519-115025 AM.jpg

With a lens blur filter I tried to adjust the blurriness of the “out-of-focus” area to the phone image.

It turned out quite challenging to smoothen the lines between phone and image and I am not 100% happy with it.

Editing: The Life of Venus


The Venus was mostly adjusting colours in Camera Raw.

In Photoshop it was just cropping the image to a square size and making colour adjustments here and there.

In addition I tried to get rid of little disturbances in the image background like a particular light reflection or poster behind the Venus’s head.

It was not always possible to remove it entirely but I could make it less disturbing at least.

Editing: Der blaue Guitarist


My aim was to get rid of the shine in the background but whatever I tried it would not work too well, it always was quite obvious to me that something had been done to the wall.


So for this image image I mainly did colour changes in Camera Raw


Unfortunately I did not get the chance to reshoot this image because the Loans Desk is closed over the weekend.


Editing: We Can Do It, Too!




After editing the images in Camera Raw (chaining clarity etc.) I first did basic editing on the skin. I removed under eye circles, little spots, make the lipstick edges sharper and evened out the skin tone here and there.

The next step was to cut out the image from the black background which was easily done using the Quick Selection Tool.

Important here was to pay attention to the individual polkadots that tend to missed in the selection. I had to go back a couple of times because I always missed a little detail.

For the time being I saved my Selected Rosie the Reverter onto a transparent Image Layer.

Meanwhile I created a gradient background based on the colours of the original image with help of the Eyedropper tool.

Separately I cut out the speech bubble from the original poster and placed it on the yellow background.

The reason I did not do the speech bubble myself is that my research showed that it is quite tricky to get the right font as well as a speachbubble like this.

To finsh the image Icopy and pasted Rosie the Reverter onto the background.


The rest was filing work. For example selecting a particular area with an adjustment mask to change something about it like the saturation of the scarf.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 09.46.25


I also added a layer mask onto the Rosie the Reverter layer and softened the edges between her and the background. However I quite liked having a bit of a line as I thought it looks more like the poster aesthetically speaking.

Editing: John and Judy



The process for this image was quite complicated and I ended up sticking a lot of different parts together .

For example I enhanced the ribs with a layer mask of an image that had those more prominent.

The most challenging thing was the light. Because the body of John was relatively uneven I had to light and colour adjust them separately using an adjustment mask.

What was important to get a high contrast (as much as possible), and a Pink tone overall yet saturated blue jeans.

Through a new layer I then modified the border when I was done with the image.

Editing: The Park Street Kiss



After making adjustments to the Saturation, Brightness and Contrast in Camera Raw, I Cropped the image into a square format in Photoshop.

My next step was to select the “crowd” roughly and make them slightly less contrasted and more grey using an Adjustment mask.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 09.06.54

Images so far…

The kiss

The kiss

The life of Venus

The life of Venus

John & Judy

John and Judy

We Can Do It, Too!

WE Can Do It, Too!

The Guitar Guy

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 23.40.30


♯ Pearl Earring


Producing: The kiss (Day 2)

IMG_4882 IMG_4838 IMG_4823 IMG_4906 2

Even though I had done this image the weekend before already I thought it could not hurt to try to perfect it if there is an opportunity.

With the Bristol 10K on Sunday the 11th I took the opportunity to play around with the pose.

Unfortunately the weather and atmosphere was not quite as good as on the day of Park and Slide which made it hard to work.

Also my flatmate who helped me take these images was not very comfortable using an SLR and com positioning the image.

I believe He did a good job though and we tried what we could.

It was defiantly worth trying!

One thing would be really cool about these images. I could call it “The Millennium Square kiss”


Producing: The Guitar Guy

IMG_6160 IMG_6192

Coming home after a day of 3 photo shoots (Sunday, 11th of May) I saw this guy with a big beard and blue torn jacket with several bottles stuffed up his sleeves and I just had to ask him if he would be interested in taking couple of pictures with me.

I had to drop of some things at home first because I was still waking around with all the bags from the Venus photo shoot so I told him to meet me in front of the Watershed in half an hour.

I was not entirely sure if he would be there because he did not seem to have any sort of device that would tell him the time and he was also drunk out of his mind.

On my way to the Watershed I see him sitting on a bench that, how I find out later, is where he always is and where I could find him if need be.

After 30 min of very very slow walking and drunken mumbles I cannot even guess we made the way from the floating harbour bench to the Watershed.

We got quite a few odd looks walking down the harbour side as well…

When finally he took his position as the Guitarist he stared playing the guitar (kind of) and humming some song.

He stayed in exactly the same position for the entire photo shoot first playing a bit with the guitar, then just humming and very shortly he fell asleep!!

That was a very unique experience for me and probably for him too.

I was a bit scared that if I got him money he would buy more booze so I gave him food and sweets in the same value instead.

He was very happy about that, stuffed it all in his jacket and told me that I could find him on that bench if I need to do it again….


Producing: The life of Venus (Day 3)

IMG_5964 IMG_5978 IMG_6119 IMG_6126

This time I had an extra LED light and a Reflector with me. The images is still relatively dark because it was not very sunny outside at that point but most importantly it was lit more evenly.

In addition to that I had three times the amount of towels with me (6 extra large luxury towels) to make the shell appear bigger.

It still looks quite small because of the angle but it was impossible to get more because I was struggling a lot carrying one IKEA bag full of towels and other requisites, a set of LED lights, the Reflector, Tripod and Camera.

Having said that I really enjoyed this photo session a lot and am very pleased with the results.

Producing: We Cn Do it, Too! (Day 3)

IMG_3533 IMG_3760 IMG_3795 IMG_3812

After speaking to Katy I took the advise to worry less about the yellow background and do all that in post- production.

This made everything a whole lot easier because I was not limited to the little piece of fabric I mounted to the wall as yellow background.

At the beginning of all this I thought that this pose is one of the easiest because it is so iconic.

It turned out that it was one of the hardest though.

Firstly because my model has not the same shape as the woman in the original and secondly because the illustration of the original is slightly unnaturally proportioned this pose was very challenging.

After 6 hours of hard work in the studio I felt like it is impossible to make it look exactly like the original but playing around with the background on phtotshop makes a massive change and I am very happy about this image now.

Producing John & Judy (Day 2)

IMG_3119 IMG_3180 IMG_3357

This photo was one of the hardest to restage out of all the images. And it was probably the one I had to do the most. Before I did it twice in the photo studio I had several rehearsals outside the studio facilities.

It was very challenging to get the right angle, light and especially the position.

The first challenge was building a scenery in the studio that looks similar to a sofa and a beige carpet.

With stacks of blankets and the tables in the studio  I set out to do that.

After reviewing the images from my last “John&Judy” photo session I felt like both aesthetically and and context wise it would improve the picture of the doll would wear trousers.

In the original of John Tenon and Joko Ono I personally feel like what makes the image so special is the contrast of her being dressed and him naked.

In my picture this also adds subtlety in ways that you do not immediately notice that “she” is a sex doll.

Producing: The Black and White kiss (Day 1)

IMG_5143 IMG_5133 IMG_5155

Not exactly Times Square but close as I can get to it in Bristol: Park Street on the Park and Slide day.

Sunny weather and lots of crowds makes this venue the perfect event for the Black and White kiss.

There is something about this pose that looks very unnatural almost like I am forcing myself on my boyfriend…..

I find that very interesting because It does strike me as a weird unnatural pose but if you would swop the position of the man and the woman it would be totally normal (except for the dress of course).

Partially this being a gender untypical pose and it is also increasingly difficult because of the height difference which is why I tried to do this pose with high heels.

I also Tried to do it with different heath sidewalks and steps but that did not work at all. See the pictures on Flickr.

As I am planning to do this photo again on the 11th of May when the Bristol 10k Run takes places there is one thing I would try to change and that is my position.

I believe that it would look a lot more natural if my legs were closer together and I would stand slightly behind my boyfriend instead of oposite him.

Which is also how the man stands in the Times Square kiss originally.


Producing: We Can Do It, Too! (Day 2)

IMG_5356 IMG_5350 IMG_5347

I was very confident that this subject would be perfect for this image as I know her personality. She is lous confident and strong. However I felt like she was not very into it during the shoot and she even told me that she feels like she is not really cut out to do this, also because of lacking body confidence.

Nevertheless this shoot taught me a lot of things to be considered for the next session:

– It was not lit the right way

– The skin tone undershirt looks better than the blue one

– The subject has to face me and not show me her prfile

– If the subject actually beliefs in femminism and girl power it will come across

Producing: ♯ Pearl Earring (Day 2)

IMG_5136 IMG_5111 IMG_5036


Even thought I was already very happy with the images from Day 1 of this production I scheduled to do this again for two reasons:

1. I found a blouse that had exactly the same tone as the blouse on the original (not so clear in the pictures unfortunatly)

2. I had to try the composition with the iPhone being next to her not in front of her face.


All in all this was a very quick and straight forward photo session followed by one of my other images “We Can Di It, Too!” which did not quite run as smoothly.

Producing: The life of Venus (Day 2)

IMG_5884 2 IMG_5882 2 IMG_5881 2 IMG_5874 2 IMG_5727 2 IMG_5759 2

Unfortunately I had technical issues during this shoot which affected the overall quality of the images.

Also, coming in the morning instead of afternoon like I did for the Rehearsal, turned out to be not as good light wise.

Having a limited source of internal light made the scenery a lot more grey and cold than I hoped for.

I used the opportunity to experiment with different angles.

Venus being a goddess I thought it might look good angling the camera from slightly below.

However, I have problems with the wooden sealing and want to reduce the amount of post production as much as possible.

Therefore I decided that I will have to do this session again not only for the sake of the photo quality but also in terms of light equipment and composition.

Producing: The Venus (rehearsal)

IMG_4821 IMG_4815 IMG_4812 IMG_4830 IMG_4862


Because I did not know the location before I got there I thought it would be wise to have something like a rehearsal session to see how well it is working for the photo.

Being in the facility before they open also means that I am very limited in how much time I spent before there are people in the pool.

The pool opening at 7.00 am the latest (just Sundays) already meant being there at 6.00 am, so having a rehersal to try out different things seemed very helpful and it was.

I tried different combinations for the outfit and with her hair.

The model has long dark hair naturally but we also experimented with a grey wig.

Producing: John & Judy (Day 1)

IMG_4606 IMG_4677 IMG_4769


Although I like the results from this photo session I still think they can be perfected.

Because the doll is wearing swig that is too big for her head it kept sliding down, it would be a lot nicer if you could actually see her face a little more.

Also I think it might be interesting and more like the original if the doll would wear jeans. Because what makes the original image of John Lenon and Joko Ono so special aesthetically as well as contextually is that she is dressed whereas he is not.

.By applying this to the picture it might be more aesthetically similar to the original

Perspective wise this is as much as I can push it towards the angle of the picture. In order to do this shoot I stood on a high ladder with my back flat to the seiling having limited control of what I am seeing.