Things to be done

text effects

By the end of the coming two weeks I set myself the following targets:

– draw a visual representation of how I want my Portraits to look

– create a Prototype (not necessarily in the Studio)

– Find 5 suitable subjects

– create a time schedule for the Studio Production

Key issues I will face during my production (to think about solutions over the next two weeks):

– How do I provoke emotion and expression in my subjects?

– How can I best make sure the images will be accurate enough to combine and layer in post-production?

– How can I effectively time and schedule my production?

– Even though it is not that important to what my subjects will say in the voiceover, would it be better to have them speak freely as in telling a story or letting them read out a text/ What will make their voice more interesting?

– How do I find good subjects?


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