questions asked during my proposal presentation….


all the questions and ways in which i answered them for myself in order to proceed with my production.

Q1 How am I going to exhibit?

– large sized portraits with headphones hanging next to it having the ‘soundtrack’ play on repeat.

Q2 Will you interview the subjects?

– Not as such, I will ask subjects to read out words that describe their character such as ‘shy’, ‘classy’ or ‘clever’. In addition to that I will record the actual production as well.

Q3 How can you provoke the desired emotion in your subject?

– By talking to them constantly, making them feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. I will also ask the people photographer I worked for during the summer, for some more advice on this matter.

Q4 Are the emotions contrasting?

– The emotions have to be different enough to create a contrast, but the do not have to be oppositional emotions.

Q5 Have you thought about gender balance?

– Yes of course I will try to have a variety of gender, age  and backgrounds.

Q6 Who is doing the mediation?

–  That would be mainly me, but also the people I will be working with and my subjects to some extend as I will try to take my ideas from their actual charter.

Q7 How do you create unfamiliarity?

– This is exactly what I am still struggling with….


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