conventions of the ‘normal’


After an discussion with Rod last week I have been thinking a lot about the actual content of my project.

The concern was that emotions are simply not strong enough of an effect to be contrasted with each other.

At first I thought it might be a good idea to do a cut-up of ‘Young VS. Old’ and ask my subjects to bring a picture from their childhood for me to work with.

This would have the following issues: The images of them in their childhood might not be of great quality or in a way that will allow me to work with them. Making the ‘Childhood’ portraits myself would be too time-consuming and complicated to I have decided to leave this idea.

However this has made me think about conventions of youth in our society.

My plan now is to portray subjects that would not be conventionally considered as the ‘Norm’.

Subject 1: Conventions about religion and the fear of the foreign/ orientalism

-> IMAGE 1: Girl wearing a Hijab/head scarf

-> IMAGE 2: Same girl without scarf

Subject 2: Conventions about sexuality and gender behaviour

-> IMAGE 1:  Male wearing make up, jewellery etc.

-> IMAGE 2: Same male as his ‘normal’ self

Subject 3: Conventions about subcultures and stereotypes

-> IMAGE 1: Male/female representing a sub cult like Gothics,Punks etc.

-> IMAGE 2: Same person dressed formal for job/ interview

Subject 4: Conventions about what is normal psychologically 

-> IMAGE 1: Stereotyped image of someone “crazy”

-> IMAGE 2: Normal, nice and ‘behaved’ character

Subject 5: Conventions about class and cultural capital

-> IMAGE 1: Stereotyped image of a “chav” (hair,make-up, chewing gum with open mouth}

-> IMAGE 2: A normal, classy looking girl

(Subject 6: Conventions about race )

-> IMAGE 1: Subject of international heritage

-> IMAGE 2: Either make-up subject in a way that influences their facial tent or take images with another subject.


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