SUBJECT 1: Religion and Culture

My first portrait reflects on discourses of religion and cultural background in contrast to what we in our culture consider as ‘normal’.

Although there are many muslims within our culture they would not be considered as “mainstream’ and obvious visual commiments to the Islam like a hijab does catch some looks on the street.

Therefore I have chosen a muslim girl for the first portrait. In the first image she will wear a hijab and represent her culture and beliefs and in image 2 she will wear no hijab looking more culturally ‘adapted’ and ‘integrated’ in the western culture.

The girl I am portraying is a real life muslim that has lived in the UK for over % years now studying Civil Engineering.

Coming from Lybia she has faced extreme cultural changes when she moved to the UK on her own, as a woman (which is considered ‘abnormal’ in her home country as she tells me).

Ever since she has learnt to really like the western culture and adapt her lifestyle accordingly but yet she is also still part of her own culture.

Caught in-between cultures would probably best describe her current situtation.


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