ASSETS (Organised into Collections)


ASSETS (Organised into their Collections)

For the “work in progress/Assets” deadline today, I have organised my images into the following collections:

– Conventions of normality: Religion and Culture

– Conventions of normality: Class

– Conventions of normality: Behaviour and Psyche


One thought on “ASSETS (Organised into Collections)

  1. rod says:

    Submission of assets
    This is a comprehensive and effective submission, I can already see how you might go about utilising these images with their different colour backgrounds and the way in which they focus on different aspects of culture. It is also excellent to see you both embedding the images on the blog and using Flickr. The photographs are well exposed and well shot and the facial expressions, dress etc are working well and certainly give the impression of you having clear control over the project and the production process. Similarly that extra information about each of the shoots is also very welcome. You have also done well managing to overcome the setback of losing at least one day of shooting. It is also good to see you adding to the blog since the submission that wasn’t sure you’re aware these additions could have been a bit more expensive! Be sure to keep on with the blog, It really should have 1-2 to posts per week.

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