SUBJECT 3: Gender and gender roles

This portrait reflects on gender roles and discourses that exist within our culture.

Even thought being gay is becoming culturally “accepted’ and people do not considered it as something odd anymore there are still limits to how acting out gender roles is considered ‘the norm’.

Transvestites and transgender within our culture is still considered a ‘extreme’ and ‘different’. Men dressing up in woman’s clothes still seems to scare a lot of people.

If you are heterosexual or homosexual there are certain gender roles that are considered as “normal’.

To challenge these conventions of normality I would like to portray a bisexual man once dressed like any ordinary guy and in the second image make-uped and dressed as a woman.

The person I have chosen to portray is a bisexual guy from Singapore. In his home country you can go to prison for being openly bi/homosexual. For a long time he had to live in fear of being recognised as openly gay and punished. He put himself at high risks dressing up as a woman from time to time. Now he lives in Germany and is married to his partner.


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