SUBJECT 4: Subcultures

There is mainstream and than there are uncountable niches of subcultures trying to differentiate themselves from mainstream.

Especially in the professional industry an employees appearance has to fit certain guidelines. In some industries this is more relaxed than in others. Fact is however that there is a ‘norm’ or standard of appearance that is considered acceptable and ‘respectable and this excludes certain subcultures and their statement of appearance.

Business, banking and politics are probably the most commonly know industries of work that require a certain “prefesiional” /’appropriate” look.

This portray is to outline and contrast a “professional”/ normal look to the appearance of a certain subculture such as Gothics, Punks, Hippies etc.

The person I am portraying studies to be a political translator in the parliament.  When working in such an environment she will be limited to what she choses to wear and represent herself appearance-wise. Therefore I would like to portray both, her professional side as well as her personal side.

Like her many people have to adapt their appearnce when they are within their workplace.

Even outside the workplace subcultures often are an eye catcher in the street because they are “different” looking.

Based on their clothes and make-up many people are put into boxes. For example Punks and Meatalheads are often considered to be very aggressive and evil. There are assumptions based on the music that is contotated with the subculture.

My subject will represent the subculture of Gothics. I do have an alternative subject as well that would represent a modern time Hippie. This girl is on the same career path as the main subject so you could apply the same principle.


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