SUBJECT 6: beauty, appearance and fashion

Through the constant confrontation of idealised appearances within media products we as consumers have formed an understanding of what what is considered beauty and what appearance  is acceptable. A lot of visual trends come and go.

Varying slightly within social groups popular culture informs us of what is ‘in’ at the moment.

Weather that be ideals of beauty, fashion or general appreance there is always a mainstream trend.

At the moment for example it is ‘acceptable’ for young men to grow a relatively strong beard. Just 2 years ago this would have been something more ‘unusual, whereas now  many young guys do it.

Trends cover everything from head to toe.

In this portray I am hoping to outline two appearances: One which would currently considered “mainstream” / “in” and one that would be considered “out”.

The person I am portraying is on a student budget and therefore has certain difficulties catching up with material trends.

As student you do however feel the need quite strongly to fit in or to make a visual statement by appearnace. You do not want to be known as somebody who is not really up to date unless that is your brand.

Having to be creative due to financial difficulties often leads to people setting new trends. So what was once out becomes in. It is a constant flow of following the trend and breaking trends to make new trends.

I however want to focus on mainstream culture at the moment and contrast an “in” appearance with an “out” look.


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