Attached you will find a link that takes you to the images I have so far produced.

This will just include a a selection of images from each production day not the entire footage.


– Conventions of class (1/5)

– Conventions of religion and Culture (1/5)

– Conventions of behaviour and Psychy (1/5)

All together : 3/5 of assets

SUBJECT 3: Conventions of normality (Religion and Culture)

IMG_5339 IMG_5036 2IMG_5217IMG_4958 2



SUBJECT 2: Conventions of normality (Class)

IMG_3909 2IMG_4325 2

IMG_3926 IMG_4155 2

IMG_4374 2 IMG_4058 2

IMG_4342 2 IMG_4072 2

IMG_4339 2IMG_4053

IMG_4393 2IMG_4076 2

IMG_3955 IMG_4234 2

IMG_3916 2 IMG_4290 2

SUBJECT 1: Conventions of normality (Behaviour and Psyche)

crazy 3 normal2




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