PRODUCTION DAY 4/5 (identity, appearance and fashion)


The shooting for identity, appearance and fashion was the only shooting I did twice.

The first time I set out to do the shooting having gathered several outfits based on things I already had.

In addition I went out to a charity shop to look for particularly  ‘unfashionable’ accessories like a sports cap or a safari hat.

Althought the images were good I was not happy wih how clear the contrast between the ‘trendy’ and the ‘unfashionable’ was.

Therefore I decided to do it all over but this time going shopping and looking for more extreme representations of both themes.

It was unbelievably difficult to find ‘unstylish’ clothes, although you see them a lot on the street, when you actually go out to the mainstream stores looking for them it seems hardly possible.

After I had done some research (fashion magazines for men and look books) I was more clear to what I should look for.

My shopping criteria for the “IN” outfit:

– symbols like must aches are currently very popular

– chunky glasses 9even without glasses)

– jeans jackets with fleece or knittings

– knitwear with and without prints

– High-colar shirts (buttoned up all the way)

– beanie hats ind all colours and prints

My criteria for the “OUT” outfit (I was going for a Hillbilly style look):

– all sorts of sporty stuff combined with normal casual wear

– baseball caps (open/cloded) worn in different ways

With thee full bags of clothes and accessories I completed the second shooting a lot more successful.


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