PRODUCTION DAY 6 (subculture)


This photo session went very smoothly as there were no issues to delay the speed of the production this time. After having some bad experiences in the studio with missing or broken equipment, when I went to the studio this time I found the studio in a surprisingly nice state.

Someone had come in the day before and changed the background rolls (that were completely ruined) and organised all equipment. I was also relieved to discover that the working lights had been returned.

Therefore this session was rather short and I enjoyed not having to worry about any issues this time. Instead I could focus on the details of a perfect light, something that I could not do previously because I was always running to of time (and in some cases light).

I do believe that the images are particularly successful because I had a lot more time to get everything right.

Like for my other shoots I planned everything in advance and had to arrange certain things like accessories and make-up. Luckily the subject herself could provde a lot of the items we needed for this portrait work.

The contrast between the two images is fairly strong as the difference is merely based on extreme looks of the Gothic scene.

Looking back I know also realised that the poses from ‘normal’  to ‘Gothic’ also changed. There is a particular ‘look’ that you associate with Gothic which is mysterious, dark, thoughtful and slightly melancholy. This somehow is also part of their visual appearnce.

This may or may not be the reason why a lot of people have the understanding that ‘Gothic’s’ are sad people. Talking to my subject I could not believe that people would actually be surprised to find out that Gothic are just normal people. According to my subject a lot of people have preconception that Gothic’s have dark thoughts and are sad and often they are confused with Satanists.


From my own experience of my high school years being associated with the’Gothic crowd’ can make you catch a lot of suspicious looks and you would not think how conservative a lot of people feel about extreme subcultures when they are still young.

Seeing the transformation from a mainstreamer into a Gothic was not just interesting in terms of sterotypes but also in they way they subject changed. Once she was her “gothic-self” she was a lot more open to explore different poses and ‘play a character’. She came across a lot more confident as Gothic even though she does not always dress as extreme.


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