for further reference….


for further reference….

I came across a photographer called Robbie Cooper last week and I was very inspired by his approach of portraying people.

In his series ‘Alter Ego’ he portrays individuals next to a depiction of their avatars in the game world.

Playing an active part in the contracting your identity  is something that is easier to do in the ‘digital world’. You can be who you want to be and it is not limited by reality or truthfulness.

In the real world it seems a lot more difficult to freely express yourself and break out of the urge to conform with the crowd.

Facebook seems like a more common platform to create or “reshape’ your identity the way you want it. Whereas Facebook is linked to real life to some extend avatars offer the consumer a lot more freedom in what you can make youself.

Robbie Coopers portraits show that the avatar can be completely different from the dal life person. not just in appearance but even in gender.

My portraits do something very similar in a way. They show someones ‘self-construced identity’ that exists outside mainstream culture and a version that conforms to the mass perceptions of identity.

In a way my project does a similar thing like Robbie Cooper but in real life, in the sphere of culture rather than the web



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