PRODUCTION DAY 7/8 (gender roles)

IMG_7188  IMG_7141

Unfortunately todays shooting I had several technical issues come into play.

The time I had for the shoot was very limited due to the working hours of my subject who is a Graphic Designer  in Cardiff.  Not just having to travel for a while to get to the studio but also having to shoot everything in less than one hour was very challenging especially when a lot of the equipment did not seem to work.

Even though the subject arrived later than planned and did not find it right away I was not able to set everything up successfully by the time he got there.

I had spent over a lot of distinguishing which plugs are working and which lamps are still in tact.

Consequently the time I had to perfect the light setting was very limited and did not turn out the way I wanted to.

Apart from all the difficulties of this shoot I was very happy with the performance of my subject who really did a great job.

The subject is gay in real life and occasionally likes to dress up as a woman for going out. During the day he dresses like any other guy for his job as Graphic Designer.

He told me that a lot of people in his work space are not aware of the fact that he is gay and that he keeps it private in his professional identity due to unpleasant experiences in the past.

Generally he is openly gay and even married to another man, therefore not being able to be open about it at work does stress him out sometimes.

Originally my subject is from Singapore were being openly gay can get you into prison.

Therefore to come out in the first place was very challenging for him.

All in all I was fascinated about what he told me and although we have been friends for a while I was never aware of his struggles to this extent.

I believe that gender in particular is a very difficullt role to not conform to. Appearance leaves a bit more freedom and fluidity to explore. Gender seems to be a lot more fixed.

Therefore breaking out of conventions of gender roles is something very brave in my opinion.


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