For Sayras production my role was to assist her during the ‘surveilling’ of her subjects.

Whilst Sayra was focussing on getting all photographic elements right it was my job to ensure that she remained unnoticed by the person she was taking pictures of.

So I would be somewhere close to the subject or where I could watch them and stay in contact with Sayra via phone (using earphones).

Therefore most of the time I was sitting on park benches pretending to read a book/have lunch, look at shop windows or walk around a street. To be honest I felt very stupid at the beginning but it gradually became fun.

However, I would say that it felt kind of wrong following these people even though they knew that they might be watched at some point I felt like I was doing something slightly bad.

Overall I enjoyed the experience and I almost always did my job successfully (we go spotted once). Over the four semesters we have now been doing group work together we have become an efficient team.

I have not seen Sayras images yet but I am sure they will be very good and I might still be able to assist her during the post-production process.


For my production Sayra helped my in the studio. Her role was to assist me with setting up equipment and studio arrangements as well as coordination of subjects on the day of the photo shooting.

During the production she was also responsible to support me with checking the quality of lighting and image composition.

All in all she performed similar tasks as a Photo assistant usually would.


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