PRODUCtIon experience

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I am happy with the results of my production some more than others and know that I have learnt lot about Studio use in general. My technique has improved, especially in terms of lighting as I had time to explore different approaches and develop it. I never before have used the studio as frequently and having used the studio for two weeks almost everyday has made me very confident in what I am doing. For future production it will be useful that I now can set up the studio in half the time I did before and know how to best light a subject. The production has taken me a lot longer than planned as there were many things not going according to plan along the way. My idea of time required for completing a successful studio production is more realistic now and I am ver glad that certain changes have been made to the studio facilities even though it was too late to enjoy them for this production. Knowing that the studio is now better equipped with working lights I would consider doing a studio production for my final project next year as I am now confident enough to have the skills I would need to do that (I clearly did not have them before this). Therefore the overall experience of this production was successful especially in terms of self development.

Struggles& difficulties:

I did encounter quiet a lot of difficulties along the way especially with equipment. On occasion lights or the hot shoe work not work or be missing from the studio.

Most of my shoots had time issues as well due to the ‘problem solving phase’ at the beginning of a shoot the actual production wa soften delayed and made me run out of time.

Unfortunately there was not much I could change about it. I usually tried to work with whatever I had which explains the difference in quality between some of the images.

For the first shoot for example I did not have a hot shoe but completed it anyway. For the future I hope to find the studio in a good state so I can get on with my work more easily and given that the studio has transformed into something more organised and equipped I am positive it will.

Overall this experience has thought me how many factors come into play when working in a Studio. Some things like the booking system, availability of equipment and studio as well as the subject itself are all elements that can complicate the situation.

consequently I had to repeat some of the shoots or spread them over two sessions.

There were also issues with my Computer and the availability of Photoshop. In the process of getting Photoshop I also experienced a break down of my internet connection that until now has not been fixed and impacts my flexibility to post regualrly.

Not having the ability to access Photoshop also presents a potential issue for my post-production.


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