SCULPTING identity


SCULPTING identity

Franz Messerschmidt is a famous artist  known for the extreme facial expressions of his sculptures.

Facial expression shape the way we judge someones charter at first glance. This way people can come across grumpy, friendly arrogant or shy.

Being the ‘creator’ of his sculptures he is the one responsible for the ‘construction of their identity’.

His form of art is based on stereotypical body language to give his work a particular charter. He plays around with all sorts of expressions and looks and it is really interesting to watch the transformation of them in the link above. If you concentrate you feel how you automatically associate a characteristic once you see a change in expression. Some are rather scary others very ordinary.

Watching it in a row makes it look like it is all one person but in different emotional stages.

It appears more like a complex personality rather than many different sculptures.


This is interesting in relation to my project as I am doing something similar in a portrait version and reduced to two images.

I am outlining the versatility of a appearances one and the same person can have.


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