During the production of my “religion and heritage” photo shooting many things did not go according to plan.

As stated in the “PRODUCTION DAY 3” there were issues with double bookings in the studio and missing lights that lead to an incomplete photo shooting.

Originally the plan was to portray my subject wearing a hijab and then also without a hijab.

Whereas my subject had agreed to take her hijab off in front of the camera at the beginning some events in her life had changed her opinion on the matter once I could arrange the second half of the shooting (the images without hijab).

This is very unfortunate for my project as I value the quality of the images I got with her wearing a hijab and I developed an idea that could allow me to get around the issue.

Now instead of contrasting conventions of normality by a girl wearing a hijab and not wearing one, I will now portray her twice wearing a hijab.

In the first image she will represent a ‘classic’ and traditional image of a muslim girl and the second image will show her as westernised/ “modern muslim”.

As “modern muslim” she will wear make up, experiment with fashionable ways to tie a hijab, wear “western” clothes and possibly smoke.

These are all things she would do in real life and are things she has developed living in the UK for a long time. In my portraits I am attempting to take this and further emphasis it.



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