I had a particular look in ind when planning this project and wanted to experiment with the possibilities of what I could do using this technique. This is to find out which method works best for the purpose of the project.. The examples below show different approaches I have tried to achieve ‘a cut-up effect’.


1. This is the basic idea of my method. The thickness of the stripes can vary.


2. Because I discovered having horizontal stripes does in this case not show enough of the cigarette or too much I wanted to ry vertical stripes. This works alot better.



3. Just as alternative to the above I wanted to see if thickening the stripes improves the overall effect. Even though I like it I feel that the small stripes work a lot better.


4. Same agin but I think it is nicer that image 3.


5. A combination between the both horizontal and vertical. I do like the idea of this one. Especially because the stripes make something ‘fence-like’. a prisoner to your identity.


6. Even though this modifies my original ide of “stripes” this still shows “construction of identity (which is the main goal from my portraits)



7. Reduced to the max. Interesting…




8. Because I felt like all the methods above looked a bit harsh I tried to make the ‘cut-up’ look more “handmade” as if you would actually tear pieces of paper.


9. The opposite of reduced and simple but I do like this effect. The only downside is that the individual images are barely visable.



10. The same principle as the “fence” above but hand drawn.




11. So far this is my favourite because it is still visibly based n my original idea but is more intreating hand drawn. The “handmade” effect refers more strongly to the production process of media text and looks more appealing aethetically.

genan2 genan1  Brush

12. Exploring the “hand-made” effect further these three images try to push the boundaries of the effect a bit more than the previous attempt. Of the three I think the first one works best especially in the mouth area. I also like how it merges the two images together.



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