“The two kinds of ideas correlate with the two divergent kinds of groups. On one state of mind, ideas belong to the individual and he can use them in an instrumental manner for work and other purposes. In turn, when he uses these ideas he ‘belongs’ to a group with others to whom, similarly, the ideas belong. On the other hand, there is the ideological state of mind in which the person becomes the idea; he is ‘equated’ with it. The ideological group is not only defined by the idea, but so is the individual, and the group pursues the idea for its own sake, because so much hangs on it for the individual and his sense of personal identity and worth. Thus, ideas can contribute to an individual’s personal identity in these two alternative forms, the idea either belongs to him or it is equated with him.  These ‘places’ and idea can occupy can now be explored with Freud’s notions of the ego-ideal and the group ideal in mind”(Hinshelwood, R. D.,2009).

The sense of belonging which is naturally a part of humans instinct results in the desire to be part of a group and to be liked and accepted within the group. The group an individual seeks will be of similar morality and will shape the individuals ideal-ego, the self someone aspires to be based on the ideologies within the group. In relation to my project this explains the basic principle of mainstream culture and how it works based on ideology.

“Ideology in a group takes hold of deeply felt experiences about self and identity, and in turn, how inclement forces that cause distress at the level of personal identity push the individual towards a particular kind of identification with the group ideal. This becomes a cycle in perpetual motion, leading to unfortunately stable states in group culture and ideas as ideologies”(Hinshelwood, R. D.,2009).


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