my ideas

Using the picture-in-picture methodology I have the following ideas to choose from and further develop:

1. TV Nation: Showing the mediation of of the Television image. This means having a picture of a Tv screen but instead of being restricted to the image within the frame of the TV the image continues outside of the Tv screen into its surroundings (Could be similarly done with a picture of a phone or LapTop)

2.  Portrait-inportrait: The idealised media image. A portrait of people. The part of the person is framed by a picture frame. Inside the frame we see how these people present themselves. Outside the frame is what they like to exclude from their ‘Image of perfection’.

3. Decontextualisation: A picture on a phone, LapTop / Tv that shows an event. Unsharp in the background is a scenery that completes and changes the meaning of the image. This allows to show the restriction of what a picture can capture in terms of context.

4. Body scan : a full body portrait. A layer of pictures on top of that covering what they do not like about themselves with a “edited to perfection’ picture to cover this part of themselves.

5. Help I am trapped inside this picture! : The stereotype of some, trapped in a picture (literally framed as if the borders of the image trap the person inside) in person holds this picture in the background a picture of the reality –. the stereotype could be based on nationality (e.g German, Jamaican, Russian, British, Arabic)


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