Project Proposal

For my Intensive Production project this semester I am planning to create a series of picture-in-picture imagery.

Picture-in-picture is a method used to add to the context of a picture by adding a second image.

My idea was to use this technique to address the decontextualisation of media footage by showing what is “out of the frame” of the original image.

It is a critical approach to the “truth of Photography” and the nature of an image.

“Any picture is a visible mark no matter how simple…is  capable of becoming a metapicture.

Pictorial self-referance is, in other words, no exclusively a formal, internal feature that distinguishes some pictures, but a pragmatic, functional feature, a matter of use and context.  Any picture that is used to reflect on the nature of pictures is a metapicture” claim Mitchel, WJT.

Susan Sonntag outline how pictures are “miniatures of reality’ instead of interpretation of events, they take one element of the truth and are therefore based on something real.

We therefore have the presumption that images act as some sort of evidence of reality.

While real people are out there killing themselves or other real people, the photographer stays behind his or her camera, creating a tiny element of another world: the image world that bids to outlast us. Photographing is essentially an act of non­intervention.” Sonntag, S.

Therefore my aim is to make my images a series of “self reflective images” or in other words “metapictures.

In addition my method of exhibition will aim to push the restrictions of a normal image by providing more than one layer of the image.

The first layer will be the picture itself; behind it the second layer revealing a “behind the scenes’ look/ Alternative truth to the picture.

This could take form of a life sized advent calendar or puzzle pieces.

This method of exhibition will require a large-scale photo print and will therefore be more like a poster version of the picture.

This will also make it easier to build up the two layers.

In total I am aiming to produce 3 complete images that address three different themes of media context such as environmental concerns, debates about beauty & body size or cultural stereotypes.



Help me I’m trapped in this picture Intensive Production Proposal


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