Having considered all Methodologies in the past few days I am most leaning towards two ideas.

1. Restaging/RePhotographing

2. Drawing imagination

I still have to make up my mind on which method would be most effective for what I am meaning to say with my project.




*It visualises what it outside of the frame and points out that everything outside the frame is indeed formed by our imagination (therefore it supports the theory I have so far explored.

*Simple and straight forward method of communicating my approach (even for people that are nore familiar with what I am intenting to do)


*Difficult to draw and remain a professional look

*It is not photography throughout and therefore maybe not really appropriate for my project.

*It might be too simple and highly depends on the image content and what I will draw.




*It is probably more critically reflective and intriguing

*Photographically challenging and more serious

*Subtle approach


*Might be to complex (for people not familiar with the topic to understand the connection)

*Requires potentially a lot of people and requisites

*Needs very good images to base itself on

* Do not really go as well well with the theory of “beyond the frame” and what I have so far found on picture-in-picture Photography as the picture-in-picture is a process that takes place in the mind.


To DO now:

I will look for famous images I could potentially restage.

Meanwhile I will also set out to produce images I could continue to draw.



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