Work in Progress

Hand in of 50% of production assets:



One thought on “Work in Progress

  1. rod says:

    Your project proposal has developed substantially over the last weeks and the move toward recreating iconographic images has lots of potential, particularly in the way that you argue what is outside of the frame is formed by our imagination.
    The images you have submitted last week are a good start on the way to this realisation – however, I think that the composition of the photographs is not yet achieving what you intended:
    The Pearl earring girl images are fabulously well lit and posed but I think that the camera phone would be better placed off to the far right in the composition – rather than as central as you have it – perhaps adding a degree of subtlety to the depiction of the selfie.

    Similarly in your We Can Do It recreation the perspective Is a little off: In the original the woman’s forearm is clearly aimed more directly at the camera with more evidence of foreshortening. Her head is also tilted back – both of these compositional elements give the original subject more assertion and power. It is little details like this that will really help your images purchase the power of the originals.

    Nevertheless this is a good start to the project and certainly demonstrates proof of concept that the restaging will work effectively and that you have good enough control over your photography to ensure that this is the case.

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