Images to be re-staged and how:

The birth of Venus (Borticelli)


This will be set in the modern environment of a swimming pool instead of the beach. The shell will be replaced by a towel that the Venus holds behind her (probably in a similar shade)

Embodying youth beauty and femininity, I want my venus to challenge the concept of this image especially addressing discourses around age, beauty and gender.

Which means I will have a Venus who is at least over 40 years old.  According to my research in fashion magazines mid- 30s is the latest age group represented, therefore I thought it would be interesting to work with an age group outside this zone.


The old Guitarist (Picasso)


The Old Guitarist will be restaged with the help of a homeless person.


The Girl with the Pearl Earing (Vermeer)


Looking back over the shoulder as if she was seriously fought in the moment. One could argue that to some extend painting are to some extend very staged and unnatural even though the end product seems to reflect something very natural and spontaneous.

Similarly work selfless in todays world. They are often made to look like random snap shots but do indeed involve a lot of staging and acting.

Therefore the girl with the pearl eating in my version will take a Selfie of herself providing a two framed image.

So rather than commenting on the meaning of the image itself this would refer to the meaning of portraiture and phortography.


We Can Do It (Propaganda Poster)




V-J Day kiss aka “Times Square kiss”


The gender roles within this picture are very classically and traditionally separated. Woman white (innocent), lower than the man within their position (submissive) and looking a bit more passive than the man. Man in black (strong, mysterius), on top (dominant) and very obviously acitivly leading the situation.

Aesthetically the colour contrast is what makes this picture interesting which is why it is curtail that I maintain it. However in my production I will swop the roles of man and woman.

This means that the woman will be in black and the man in white as well as chaining over the positions.

The crowds in the background will be a local demonstration, parade or marathon.



Love and Harmony with Yoko Ono and John Lenon


Yoko and John were often referred to as a perfect harmonious couple in their time. Whereas some might argue that this was not the case this image of the two does do well in embodying all these values: Harmony, trust, affection and love.

Therefore I will be aiming to provoke this meaning by a reference to something embodying the consumer culture of a sex driven generation. I will replace the role of Yoko with a Blow up doll.



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