Producing: John & Judy (Day 1)

IMG_4606 IMG_4677 IMG_4769


Although I like the results from this photo session I still think they can be perfected.

Because the doll is wearing swig that is too big for her head it kept sliding down, it would be a lot nicer if you could actually see her face a little more.

Also I think it might be interesting and more like the original if the doll would wear jeans. Because what makes the original image of John Lenon and Joko Ono so special aesthetically as well as contextually is that she is dressed whereas he is not.

.By applying this to the picture it might be more aesthetically similar to the original

Perspective wise this is as much as I can push it towards the angle of the picture. In order to do this shoot I stood on a high ladder with my back flat to the seiling having limited control of what I am seeing.



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