Producing: ♯ Pearl Earring (Day 2)

IMG_5136 IMG_5111 IMG_5036


Even thought I was already very happy with the images from Day 1 of this production I scheduled to do this again for two reasons:

1. I found a blouse that had exactly the same tone as the blouse on the original (not so clear in the pictures unfortunatly)

2. I had to try the composition with the iPhone being next to her not in front of her face.


All in all this was a very quick and straight forward photo session followed by one of my other images “We Can Di It, Too!” which did not quite run as smoothly.


2 thoughts on “Producing: ♯ Pearl Earring (Day 2)

  1. sassyfrasscircus says:

    I am really interested in this project and the theory behind the pearl earring selfie!

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