Producing: The Black and White kiss (Day 1)

IMG_5143 IMG_5133 IMG_5155

Not exactly Times Square but close as I can get to it in Bristol: Park Street on the Park and Slide day.

Sunny weather and lots of crowds makes this venue the perfect event for the Black and White kiss.

There is something about this pose that looks very unnatural almost like I am forcing myself on my boyfriend…..

I find that very interesting because It does strike me as a weird unnatural pose but if you would swop the position of the man and the woman it would be totally normal (except for the dress of course).

Partially this being a gender untypical pose and it is also increasingly difficult because of the height difference which is why I tried to do this pose with high heels.

I also Tried to do it with different heath sidewalks and steps but that did not work at all. See the pictures on Flickr.

As I am planning to do this photo again on the 11th of May when the Bristol 10k Run takes places there is one thing I would try to change and that is my position.

I believe that it would look a lot more natural if my legs were closer together and I would stand slightly behind my boyfriend instead of oposite him.

Which is also how the man stands in the Times Square kiss originally.



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