Producing John & Judy (Day 2)

IMG_3119 IMG_3180 IMG_3357

This photo was one of the hardest to restage out of all the images. And it was probably the one I had to do the most. Before I did it twice in the photo studio I had several rehearsals outside the studio facilities.

It was very challenging to get the right angle, light and especially the position.

The first challenge was building a scenery in the studio that looks similar to a sofa and a beige carpet.

With stacks of blankets and the tables in the studio  I set out to do that.

After reviewing the images from my last “John&Judy” photo session I felt like both aesthetically and and context wise it would improve the picture of the doll would wear trousers.

In the original of John Tenon and Joko Ono I personally feel like what makes the image so special is the contrast of her being dressed and him naked.

In my picture this also adds subtlety in ways that you do not immediately notice that “she” is a sex doll.


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