Producing: We Cn Do it, Too! (Day 3)

IMG_3533 IMG_3760 IMG_3795 IMG_3812

After speaking to Katy I took the advise to worry less about the yellow background and do all that in post- production.

This made everything a whole lot easier because I was not limited to the little piece of fabric I mounted to the wall as yellow background.

At the beginning of all this I thought that this pose is one of the easiest because it is so iconic.

It turned out that it was one of the hardest though.

Firstly because my model has not the same shape as the woman in the original and secondly because the illustration of the original is slightly unnaturally proportioned this pose was very challenging.

After 6 hours of hard work in the studio I felt like it is impossible to make it look exactly like the original but playing around with the background on phtotshop makes a massive change and I am very happy about this image now.


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