Producing: The Guitar Guy

IMG_6160 IMG_6192

Coming home after a day of 3 photo shoots (Sunday, 11th of May) I saw this guy with a big beard and blue torn jacket with several bottles stuffed up his sleeves and I just had to ask him if he would be interested in taking couple of pictures with me.

I had to drop of some things at home first because I was still waking around with all the bags from the Venus photo shoot so I told him to meet me in front of the Watershed in half an hour.

I was not entirely sure if he would be there because he did not seem to have any sort of device that would tell him the time and he was also drunk out of his mind.

On my way to the Watershed I see him sitting on a bench that, how I find out later, is where he always is and where I could find him if need be.

After 30 min of very very slow walking and drunken mumbles I cannot even guess we made the way from the floating harbour bench to the Watershed.

We got quite a few odd looks walking down the harbour side as well…

When finally he took his position as the Guitarist he stared playing the guitar (kind of) and humming some song.

He stayed in exactly the same position for the entire photo shoot first playing a bit with the guitar, then just humming and very shortly he fell asleep!!

That was a very unique experience for me and probably for him too.

I was a bit scared that if I got him money he would buy more booze so I gave him food and sweets in the same value instead.

He was very happy about that, stuffed it all in his jacket and told me that I could find him on that bench if I need to do it again….



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