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Exhibition background images

# Pearl Earring

A dutch paining of a still life room (empty)


John and Judy

A flower power pattern


Park Street Kiss

An image of Times Square on the V-J Day


Der Blaue Guitarist

A picasso like blue abstract cubist patter


The life of Venus

A renaissance blue pattern


We Can Do It

Black and white image of either a collage of feminist icons, ordinary woman or images from feminism movement in the post war period.




# Pearl Earing


Der blaue Guitarist – Variation 1


Der blaue Guitarist – Variation 2


The life of Venus – Variation 1


The life of Venus – Variation 2


The life of Venus –  variation 3


We Can Do It, Too! – variation 1


We Can Do It, Too! – variation 2


John and Judy


Park Street Kiss


Editing: # Pearl Earing



There was not much to edit in Camera Raw for this image but it was quite tricky to get the picture in the phone.


The technique:

After having measured the distance of the phone to the face myself I knew the scope of how close up the photo should be.

I then took a screen shot me taking an image from my LapTop screen/

This was good as it has all the touch screen buttopns on it.

20140519-115025 AM.jpg

With a lens blur filter I tried to adjust the blurriness of the “out-of-focus” area to the phone image.

It turned out quite challenging to smoothen the lines between phone and image and I am not 100% happy with it.

Editing: The Life of Venus


The Venus was mostly adjusting colours in Camera Raw.

In Photoshop it was just cropping the image to a square size and making colour adjustments here and there.

In addition I tried to get rid of little disturbances in the image background like a particular light reflection or poster behind the Venus’s head.

It was not always possible to remove it entirely but I could make it less disturbing at least.

Editing: Der blaue Guitarist


My aim was to get rid of the shine in the background but whatever I tried it would not work too well, it always was quite obvious to me that something had been done to the wall.


So for this image image I mainly did colour changes in Camera Raw


Unfortunately I did not get the chance to reshoot this image because the Loans Desk is closed over the weekend.


Editing: We Can Do It, Too!




After editing the images in Camera Raw (chaining clarity etc.) I first did basic editing on the skin. I removed under eye circles, little spots, make the lipstick edges sharper and evened out the skin tone here and there.

The next step was to cut out the image from the black background which was easily done using the Quick Selection Tool.

Important here was to pay attention to the individual polkadots that tend to missed in the selection. I had to go back a couple of times because I always missed a little detail.

For the time being I saved my Selected Rosie the Reverter onto a transparent Image Layer.

Meanwhile I created a gradient background based on the colours of the original image with help of the Eyedropper tool.

Separately I cut out the speech bubble from the original poster and placed it on the yellow background.

The reason I did not do the speech bubble myself is that my research showed that it is quite tricky to get the right font as well as a speachbubble like this.

To finsh the image Icopy and pasted Rosie the Reverter onto the background.


The rest was filing work. For example selecting a particular area with an adjustment mask to change something about it like the saturation of the scarf.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 09.46.25


I also added a layer mask onto the Rosie the Reverter layer and softened the edges between her and the background. However I quite liked having a bit of a line as I thought it looks more like the poster aesthetically speaking.

Editing: John and Judy



The process for this image was quite complicated and I ended up sticking a lot of different parts together .

For example I enhanced the ribs with a layer mask of an image that had those more prominent.

The most challenging thing was the light. Because the body of John was relatively uneven I had to light and colour adjust them separately using an adjustment mask.

What was important to get a high contrast (as much as possible), and a Pink tone overall yet saturated blue jeans.

Through a new layer I then modified the border when I was done with the image.

Editing: The Park Street Kiss



After making adjustments to the Saturation, Brightness and Contrast in Camera Raw, I Cropped the image into a square format in Photoshop.

My next step was to select the “crowd” roughly and make them slightly less contrasted and more grey using an Adjustment mask.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 09.06.54

Images so far…

The kiss

The kiss

The life of Venus

The life of Venus

John & Judy

John and Judy

We Can Do It, Too!

WE Can Do It, Too!

The Guitar Guy

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 23.40.30


♯ Pearl Earring


Methodology Idea 4: Screen in image

image7 copy

This looks just like the images I have made for my basic idea of digital frames within the image.

The idea is to take this image but where there is the screen of the phone there is an actual screen that shows a motion of the event.

So here we assume to see a man cursing an officer, what we do not see is the reaction of the officer or what happens next.

So what the screen would show is a series of images following the development of the situation.